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Jon Wesick’s Poetry and Fiction


Love Letter from the Universe


The prospect of enlightenment

comes like the picture of a mail-order bride

her features serene on the Polaroid

discolored from its long journey.


The price for her passage – everything

my wobbly table, gall bladder,

stash of Belgian chocolate.


Maybe I should hang on

to my beachfront bungalow instead

even as the ocean washes my front yard



Those who’ve phoned long distance

report their beloveds’ voices

melodious as temple bells

but I need answers. What kind of wife

will enlightenment be? Will we fight

about money? Will she support

my dreams?


No one to ask.

Despite the vast matchmaking endeavor

not one man alive today

has tasted his lover’s breath

or freed her firm body

from the loose silk of her robe



The Life You Know


The Buddha’s life you know

is not the Buddha’s life.

Those inscriptions on ancient pillars all over India

merely fables from the same dramatists

who brought you General Hospital.


The real Buddha was born in Patterson, New Jersey

in 1946 (or was it 1974?).

He despairs of finding true love


her boss does not recognize her potential.


The real Buddha’s life is your life

but not the life you think.

Not the moon on the lake

nor the lotus in muddy water

Not the life of a wooden statue

whose carvers recited a verse

with each stroke of the chisel


Not the day-to-day loudmouths,

traffic jams, and credit-card debt

but not separate from them either.

It is tapping your shoulder

whispering in your ear.


The real Buddha’s life

is where you choose to see it



Jon Wesick

Jon WesickHost of the Gelato Poetry Series, instigator of the San Diego Poetry Un-Slam, and an editor of the San Diego Poetry Annual, Jon Wesick has published over two hundred poems in journals such as The New Orphic Review, Pearl, Pudding, and Slipstream. He has also published forty short stories in journals such as Space and Time, Zahir, Tales of the Talisman, and Metal Scratches. Jon has a Ph.D. in physics and is a longtime student of Buddhism and the martial arts. One of his poems won second place in the 2007 African American Writers and Artists contest.